About Us


The mission of Belmont Community Development Corporation is to preserve the historic integrity of Belmont neighborhood and surrounding areas, utilizing traditional and non-traditional methods of community economic development.  

Our goal is to provide affordable housing; educational and living wage employment opportunities, business and entrepreneurship development; and elderly housing and services for low to moderate-income residents ensuring full access to and participation in the economic revitalization of our communities.


Reginald Jones, HDFP, Executive Director, Notary Republic
Carlene Switzer-Greene, Program Manager, Certified Housing Counselor


Rodrick Banks, Board Chairman, Wells Fargo Bank
Sedrick McCallum, Vice-Chairman, Woodforest National Bank
Demetria Faulkner-Welch, Secretary, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department
Michael Hall, Treasurer, Wood forest National Bank
Reginald McKnight, Member, McKnight Law Firm


Reginald Jones, Housing Development Finance Professional Certification, (HDFP), National Development Council (NDC)
Carlene Switzer-Greene, Certified Housing Counselor, Reverse Mortgage, Loss Mitigation

Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee acts on behalf of the Board of Directors between regular meetings and:

  • Act as a resource to all standing committees.
  • Make recommendations to the board on policies concerning the services provided by the organization
  • Advise the board on community needs and advise the board on the means of improving services, which cannot be met through the resources of the agency.
  • Review all existing personnel policies and procedures to and insure that a fair and impartial grievance procedure is in place. 
  • Evaluate the executive director annually.

Fund Development Committee:

  • Oversees the agency's finances and assets, including the allocations of its total resources.
  • Prepares the organization's annual budget with assistance from the Executive Director
  • Ensure that the agency's bookkeeping practices are accurate and are in accordance with the standard accounting procedures for nonprofit organizations.

Program Committee:

  • Works with the Executive Director in the development of new programs and activities, the committee will also conduct its own monitoring and evaluation of current programs.

Community Relations Committee:

  • Keeps the community informed of all crisis and social events. The committee shall establish a communication network with various agencies, organizations and established media.

Nominating Committee:

  • Evaluating the skills and performance of the current directors.
  • Assist with setting standards and criteria for directorship.
  • Developing an interviewing process for each potential new director.
  • Presenting the slate to the full board of directors.
  • Aiding in the orientation and integration of each new director