About Us


The mission of Belmont Community Development Corporation is to preserve the historic integrity of Belmont neighborhood and surrounding areas, utilizing traditional and non-traditional methods of community economic development.  

Our goal is to provide affordable housing; educational and living wage employment opportunities, business and entrepreneurship development; and elderly housing and services for low to moderate-income residents ensuring full access to and participation in the economic revitalization of our communities.


Reginald Jones, HDFP, Executive Director, Notary Republic
Carlene Switzer-Greene, Program Manager, Certified Housing Counselor


Sedrick McCallum, Board Chairman, South State Bank
Michael Hall, Treasurer, Wood forest National Bank
Wally K. Burgess, Secretary, Neighborhood Resident
Mark Lynch, Member, Neighborhood Resident
John M. Wallace, Member, Neighborhood Resident


Reginald Jones, Housing Development Finance Professional Certification, (HDFP), National Development Council (NDC)
Carlene Switzer-Greene, Certified Housing Counselor, Reverse Mortgage, Loss Mitigation

Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee acts on behalf of the Board of Directors between regular meetings and:

  • Act as a resource to all standing committees.
  • Make recommendations to the board on policies concerning the services provided by the organization
  • Advise the board on community needs and advise the board on the means of improving services, which cannot be met through the resources of the agency.
  • Review all existing personnel policies and procedures to and insure that a fair and impartial grievance procedure is in place. 
  • Evaluate the executive director annually.

Fund Development Committee:

  • Oversees the agency's finances and assets, including the allocations of its total resources.
  • Prepares the organization's annual budget with assistance from the Executive Director
  • Ensure that the agency's bookkeeping practices are accurate and are in accordance with the standard accounting procedures for nonprofit organizations.

Program Committee:

  • Works with the Executive Director in the development of new programs and activities, the committee will also conduct its own monitoring and evaluation of current programs.

Community Relations Committee:

  • Keeps the community informed of all crisis and social events. The committee shall establish a communication network with various agencies, organizations and established media.

Nominating Committee:

  • Evaluating the skills and performance of the current directors.
  • Assist with setting standards and criteria for directorship.
  • Developing an interviewing process for each potential new director.
  • Presenting the slate to the full board of directors.
  • Aiding in the orientation and integration of each new director